Man’s best friend?

This week, as we recover from a month rich in bank holidays, a closer look at what many of you have in your kennels. Are they good at guarding your fortune? Loyal? Likely to dominate your bed? Which dog breed is your CEO’s spirit animal?

Chris Nasetta: The Golden Retriever. The most optimistic person in any (bed)room, his earnings calls always feature bouncy hope and a cheerful, tail-wagging outlook. Everyone knows someone who has one. 

Sébastien Bazin: The Shiba Inu. Stylish and very popular in Paris. The dog breed with the most cat-like characteristics; be on the lookout for plotting, scheming and plan hatching.  

Keith Barr: The Cavapoo. This breed retains its youthful looks long after other dogs are grey around the muzzle. A hybrid, it isn’t fully Cavalier or Poodle, but has the best of both worlds with the downsides of neither. Much like IHG’s franchise-plus model and aversion to large deals. 

Tony Capuano: The German Shepherd. The sector’s very own big dog, with a size that many find intimidating, but is nothing to fret about when the rules of engagement are observed. Known for being one of the most loyalty-focused of all the breeds. 

Brian Chesky: The Chow Chow. This dog can be hard to train and doesn’t always get on with the rest of the pack as it can be very territorial. Unlikely to wear a tie, even in high-profile media interviews, possibly because it gets lost in the neck fur. 

Mark Hoplamazian: The Pug. This little dog has an eye for luxury and was originally bred for royalty. But this doesn’t mean it’s standoffish; their greatest wish is to bond with owners and spread the love. 

And a special mention for Anders Nissen,  just over a year after his death. The Border Collie. One of the most intelligent of the breeds, kept his estate safe and secure and loved a ball game. 

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