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Hyatt: Most Jazz Hotel Company of the Year

As anyone who wants to be a jazz bore will tell you: it’s about the notes which aren’t being played. As anyone who has seen jazz movie masterpiece Whiplash will tell you: if you want to get the best out of something, beat it mercilessly. So jazz isn’t for everyone. But paying attention to the […]


Welcome to our socialist utopia 

We’re steadily ticking off the elections in this year of democracy, with, at the time of writing, President Macron largely having seen off the right in a play which may not have gone wholly to plan, but, bar the shouting, was a decent bit of bluff calling. And with summer very much here, one cannot […]

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Cutting the sharing share 

It’s been a tricky few moments of late for everyone’s much-feared/much-used sharing platform – and its peers – with Barcelona banning short-term rentals and house swapping back like it’s the 1970s.  In Barcelona, the city has played the classic ‘licence then refuse the licence’ trick which owners of big dogs with large teeth are also […]


Whitbread raises the trophy in Germany 

All eyes are currently on Germany – specifically the Dutch football fans’ hopping from side to side dance – but it’s not all wearing orange and being quite tall (post-war government policy backing cheese consumption, we’re informed). Germany is back in the sector’s eyeline after years of thinking that it was all very well, but […]

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Operators embrace French revolution

‘Nice place to live, wouldn’t want to work there’ is often the sentiment with France. Well, with its retirement age of 64, coupled with a perky state pension and reliable sun, you might well want to work there, but for the global hotel community, it has traditionally been treated with caution when considering developing there.  […]

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It’s all so five years ago

The old hits are the best hits, as anyone thinking about digging their baggy combat trousers from the back of the wardrobe can tell you and here at NewDog PR we are here for current trends. So we were very pleased to be listening to the Boutique Hotel News webinar on refinancing in a high-rate […]


Home sweet hotel 

This week’s THREG meeting raised the intriguing issue of whether you would buy an apartment just because it shared a brand with your car or your handbag or your hairdresser. In the UK, the default position is ‘well I would if John Lewis did it’ and that works not only for branded residences, but also […]


Can we get some National Service?

Almost one week on from Rishi Sunak embracing the national spirit and thinking ‘well, if I don’t do it in the pissing rain then it’s never getting done’ and it’s time for us to move on from thinking about what this all means for the Tories to thinking about what all this means for us. […]


Meeting in the middle

“The under-demolished mid market” is a phrase which has been attributed to several sector luminaries over the years. We are inclined to credit it to Chris Rouse but you can take it up with us later. The universal truth remained; whoever claimed the saying, the mid market would be a whole lot better if someone […]


Welcome to the big house 

No, not that big house, the hotel sector is remarkably law abiding compared to other asset classes. Or it’s better at getting away with it. This particular big house came up at the recent Propel Hospitality Excellence in Pub & Bar Retailing Conference, which is a step out of the old routine for us, and […]

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